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Top 5 Camping Hacks for your Kids

For any child, camping is the ultimate holiday with the parents. A time when being dirty, eating unhealthy food and exploring until they drop with exhaustion is just about as exciting as life gets.

For a parent, camping can be just as rewarding, although if you don’t have the right preparation, the experience can quickly turn into a nightmare!

Here are our top 5 camping hacks to ensure your next camping trip to Big 4 Forest Glen, is the best yet!


Check your Camping Gear1. Check The Gear Before Leaving Home

You really don’t want to find yourself with a tent missing its poles or you realise your airbed has a leak, or that your gas bottle is almost empty.

Always thoroughly test your equipment before you leave home, including the essentials such as tent, gas, torch and air mattresses.

It’s also a good time to clean cooking and food equipment, and then pack the washing up gear you used!

A great way to prepare is to set up camp in your backyard for a night or weekend before you go. The kids will love an overnight adventure at home!


2. Use a Packing List

There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination, only to find that you’ve left something at home. A list is sure fire way to avoid this disaster and guarantee the perfect holiday.

Start the list with the essentials, such as tent, tent poles and pegs, and work your way down to cooking, cleaning, clothing and drying.
Free tip: An air dryer will do you the world of good when camping!


 Simple Camping Food3. Keep food simple

Kids become ravenous from all that camping fun and we guarantee they will want lots of food!

Simple food with simple preparation is always the best option when camping, because it’s quick, creates less mess and gets hungry mouths fed sooner.

Most kids will be happy with a sausage in bread, corn chips and salsa and lots of water.


Set up your tent4. Set Up in Daylight

There is nothing worse than setting up a tent in the dark, especially if you have little ones you have to get tucked in for the night, so you can enjoy some time around the camp fire. That’s why it’s always a good idea to plan to arrive during the day, so you have plenty of light and time to set up camp.

Also setting up earlier in the day lessens the chance of anyone being frazzled and cranky, which most parents will be familiar with!


5. Keep Essentials On Hand At All Times

It’s a great idea to set up a table outside the tent with a few essentials, which are easy to grab when need be.

Things such as tissues, baby wipes (yes, for your hands), torch, water bottle and sunscreen are key essentials for this table.

Also, a container of baby powder is great for those sandy feet. The powder helps you brush the sand off with ease, which means no more crunchy beds!

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