The Best Rainy Day Camp Ideas For Your Kids

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The Best Rainy Day Camp Ideas For Your Kids

One of the downsides to being in the great outdoors is the risk you take with the weather. The first minute you’re gathering wood for a campfire, and the next you’re looking up rainy day camp activities for the kids.
It can be hard to know what to do with kids when it’s raining, especially when they’re young and active.
To assist you during those unpredictable rainy winter days at Big 4 Forest Glen on the Sunshine Coast, we have come up with handy guide for inspiration to think of fun family indoor camping games that will entertain the kids until the rain lets up.

1. Tent Or Tarp Bowling
Muddy feet are not a problem when you’re having fun, but wet clothes are not ideal. If you have a tarp then set it up and create some space for a good ol’ game of bowls!
Just fill up some empty water bottles with sand, dirt, or water. Then set them up and let your kids kick a soccer ball to knock them over.

2. Marshmallows Crafts
Marshmallows aren’t just for burning to a crisp in front of the fire anymore! You can instead use them to as sweet treats for crafts. Encourage them to build towers, houses, and castles – whatever their little imaginations can think of.
The beauty about marshmallows is that they’re sticky, so if you need to hold something together you can just bite them in half and use the sticky inside like glue.
After you have created your masterpiece, then it’s time to tucker in and enjoy the sweet treat!
3. Classic “I Spy”
This game is one of the best fun family camping games because you do it anywhere and in any weather conditions. It’s a very simple game. Someone starts, and says, “I spy with my little eye something that is…” and then they insert an adjective to describe what they’re looking at. The rest of the players guess what they’re describing.
If there are 3 wrong guesses in a row, then the player can give a clue or a hint to help everybody out.

4. The “Head, Body, and Legs” Game
To do this game you need a pencil and paper.  Give everyone a sheet of paper and ask them to draw a head and a neck. Don’t show anyone. When everyone’s done, they need to fold the paper back so that only the base of the neck is showing.
Everyone passes their paper to the person on their left. Then, without looking at the head, draw a body. When you’re done that, fold the paper back again so just the bottom of the body is showing and pass it again to the left.
The last round is for the legs. Once that’s completed, open up the full drawing to see what you’ve created. It can be pretty funny and great for a laugh with the family.

Rainy Day Camp Ideas For Kids5. If all Else Fails, Embrace the Rain!
You’re outside, so why not just have fun in the rain? Kids generally don’t care whether they’re out in the rain or not. In fact, they’ll probably have a great time playing with the puddles, exploring nature in the rain, or checking out the cool bugs that come out in the mud.

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