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Spring Activities for Kids

Whale Watching

If you haven’t had the chance to view a humpback whale up close, now is the perfect time to jump aboard a charter boat in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast.

These school holidays our team at Big 4 Forest Glen have been inundated with incredible stories of guests and their up-close encounters with these gentle giants of the ocean.

From rolling in the air to leaping out of the water, our guests have witnessed some spectacular shows as the whales make their way down the coast on their annual whale migration.

Charters are continuing out of Mooloolaba, and as the end of the September school holidays come to a close it is a perfect time to get out on the water and view these peaceful creatures for yourself.

Here are some fun facts about whales and whale migrations.

Most humpback whales make exceptionally long journeys every year between their feeding and breeding sites. Humpbacks can travel up to 8 km/h but during their long migration journey they average only 1.6km/h, resting and socialising along the way.

Because seasons are reversed on either side of the equator, northern and southern hemisphere populations of humpbacks probably never meet. Those in the north travel towards their breeding grounds in tropical waters as those in the south are traveling towards the pole to feed, and vice versa.

Humpback facts

  • Length Adults: 14m to 18m; Calves: 4m to 5m at birth
  • Weight Adults: up to 50 tonnes; Calves: 2 tonnes at birth
  • Gestation: 11 to 11.5 months
  • Weaning age: up to 11 months
  • Calving interval: 2 to 3 years
  • Physical maturity age: 12 to 15 years
  • Sexual maturity age: 4 to 10 years
  • Mating season: June to October
  • Calving season: June to October
  • Cruising speed: 8km/h
  • Blow pattern: Small and bushy, up to 4m
  • Protected Since 1965

Coolumn Aquapark - Forest Glen Resort - Big4Coolumn Aquapark

If boats are not your thing, but perhaps a fun day on the water is just what you need, we recommend you check out the aqua park at Coolum Beach.

The park covers a huge area and boasts a wide range of inflatable fun items, suitable for ages 6 and upwards.

The park includes slides, trampolines, swings, challenge tracks, balance beams and more. These is even free-standing bbq areas, change rooms and sun lounges.

View more on the park here: https://aquaparkcoolum.com.au


The Sunshine Coast really is becoming a paradise for kids – starting with the number one destination for families, Big 4 Forest Glen!



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