Say bye to bugs at your picnic with these tips!

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Say bye to bugs at your picnic with these tips!

Planning a lovely grassy picnic during your stay at Big 4 Forest Glen? What a lovely idea! We have beautiful grounds for you to sit down with the family and enjoy the sunshine while the kids partake in the many activities available. However, we encourage all our visitors to prepare themselves in the event creepy crawly friends want to share their picnic food! These pesky bugs can quickly turn an enjoyable picnic into a miserable event, which is not want we want to see from our guests.


Please use this guide as some helpful tips to ensure your picnic on the grounds at Big 4 Forest Glen is as safe, happy and enjoyable as possible.

  1. Use a distracting method!

Many bugs that show up as uninvited guest at your picnic are simply drawn to the aroma of food. Once they spot your location they let out a signal to alert others. Ants and a few other pesky bugs can be diverted to another location if the smell is stronger than your picnic. Place ripe fruit or syrupy sugar water in a jar and place it a few feet from your picnic site. The ants will follow the sent and stay well away from you and your lovely picnic!

  1. Use a bug-hating smell. 

Forest Glen Resort - Eucalyptus Essential OilAnother way to get rid of picnic bugs is to use a smell that bugs hate. Many bugs, including mosquitos, hate the smell of certain essential oils like eucalyptus and lavender. Place a few drops of one of these essential oils on your skin or on a few cotton balls and place around your picnic site. You can also make a mixture of water and essential oils and place it in a spray bottle to mist your picnic area.

  1. Use store-bought bug repellents.

 There are many effective bug repellents and bug killers on the market. Bug repellents can be purchased in candle-form, sprays, incense, and even clip-ons that can be attached to your clothing, picnic blanket or picnic table to help get rid of picnic bugs.

 Along with the above tips, also try to avoid having your picnic during dusk and dawn hours when pesky picnic bugs are most active.

June 27th, 2017|