Reasons to holiday on the Sunshine Coast in autumn

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Reasons to holiday on the Sunshine Coast in autumn

Even though summer is the season for beach days, barbecues and outdoor picnics at Big 4 Forest Glen, there really isn’t a better season to visit the Sunshine Coast than in autumn.

To be honest, our team here at Big 4 Forest Glen would trade in an iced coffee for a spiced chair latte any day, and we’d gladly skip those sticky, sweaty months altogether if we could.

So, if you’re on the fence about holidaying in autumn, here are some of our top reasons to give this season a go!


The weather is perfect

Summer on the Sunshine Coast is incredible, but it can be incredibly humid. But autumn? Well, it’s just right. Things aren’t too cold just yet, but you can still manage to get a nice, cool breeze on most days. The sun isn’t as harsh and the water temperature is ideal for swimming. It just doesn’t get any better.


The foliage is magical

We have some big trees that surround Big 4 Forest Glen, and let’s be honest, the foliage is basically the most magical process of nature to ever occur around here. Trees bursting into red, orange, and yellow colors never gets old – and throwing them in the air and running through them doesn’t either!


The winter woolies

Once autumn makes itself known, you have a new excuse to pull on those comfy jumpers and long socks. There is nothing that says comfort like winter clothes!


Hot cups of chocolateHot Chocolate on the Sunshine Coast

Let’s be honest, it’s simply just too hot to drink hot chocolate in summer. But autumn, well that’s another story. Sipping hot chocolate while sitting back reading a nice book in the park at Big 4 Forest Glen – so warm and delicious — that’s what holidays are all about.


It’s extra cosy

While we’ve mentioned that the weather is perfect during autumn, that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of time for cuddling under blankets, building campfires, and basically just getting cozy all around. You can’t say no to a good snuggle, can you?

March 24th, 2017|