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How To Make Hiking Fun For Kids

The Sunshine Coast is home to some amazing hiking trails that are suitable for the whole family, and many of which are located within easy reach of Big 4 Forest Glen.

Hiking the varied bush tracks and trails around the Sunshine Coast makes for a perfect day out. However, sometimes it takes a little creativity to get your kids out the door and enthusiastic about a day on their feet.

To help you in your sight seeing adventures, BIG 4 Forest Glen has come up with 10 ways to have fun and learn while out on your walk.

1. Create a scavenger hunt.
Write a list of things to find or objects for them to cross off as you walk. This list can be based on colours or certain objects or a certain numbers of objects. For example, if you are climbing Mt Coolum, you could ask them to point out brown coloured rocks, or branches that are broken.

2. Take Pictures.
Give them an old camera, buy a disposable or help them use yours, but kids enjoy taking pictures. When you get home, you can take those pictures and make them into a simple book.

3. Crayon Nature Rubbings.
A fun way to talk about nature is to do some crayon rubbings on things that are outside. A tree trunk, a leaf or some rocks can all be great ways to entertain kids on their adventure.

4. Search for Bugs.
Encourage the kids to look at ants, spiders, beetles or any other bugs you see on your walk – without touching. However, if you are really brave you can bring along a container and collect some of these bugs so that you can examine them closer when you get home.

5. Create an Obstacle Course.
Jump over those cracks in the sidewalk. Run a circle around the bench. Touch that tree. These are all ways to turn a simple walk into a listening and tiring activity.


1. Mount Coolum
Nothing is better than the view from the top of Mount Coolum on a clear day.

2. Noosa National Park
Noosa National Park is located in the heart of Noosa. Access from Hastings Street follow Park Road around Laguna Bay headland to the car park entrance.

3. Kondalilla Falls, Kondalilla National ParkHiking Kondalilla National Park and Falls
Named after the spectacular Kondalilla Falls, where Skene Creek drops 90m into a rainforest valley, this park is a cool mountain retreat and an important refuge for many native animals and plants.

4. Maroochy River foreshore
Start at Sports Road, Bli Bli for a beautiful walk along the river.  The 1.2km sealed boardwalk allows visitors to easily explore wet and dry eucalypt forests, rainforest, melaleuca forest, casuarina woodland, salt marsh and mangroves.

5. Buderim Forest
Tucked away just off the main streets of Buderim is a wonderful and easy walk through the Buderim Forest towards the beautiful Buderim waterfall.

October 26th, 2016|