Five Tips To Keep Your Campsite Clean

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Five Tips To Keep Your Campsite Clean

There is seriously nothing worse than hopping into your sleeping bag after a big day exploring the Sunshine Coast, to find it’s full of sand and your pillow is smeared with a dirty footprint.
Yes, don’t you worry – we know all about those camping nightmares that prevent you from pitching the tent each spring. One bad experience can ruin you for life and when it comes to camping at Big 4 Forest Glen, missing out would be a tragedy.
To help you overcome your camping woes, we have come up with five helpful tips to ensure a enjoyable camping experience.

1. Make a list and check it twice.
Days before you plan to pack up for Big 4 Forest Glen, inspect your supplies to ensure they are clean and free of damage. For example, it will be difficult to keep your tent tidy if your tent had a large hole or there was mold stuck to the material. Clean and make any necessary repairs or purchase new supplies with enough time buy a new one if needed.

2. Cleaning supplies will be your friend
Sometimes Mother Natures needs a little help with the housekeeping and a small brush and dustpan will do the job nicely when cleaning up.
Another great thing, is to back both body and surface wipes for cleaning up before and after meals, or anytime you or an item feels gritty.
When you leave, your campsite should show no signs you were there. Reduce trash by bringing food and other items in reusable containers instead of their original packaging.

3. Tidy up the campsite upon arrival.
Before unpacking the car use the broom to clear twigs, rocks, and other debris from the spot for your tent. This allows for a much more comfortable surface on which to sleep and move around in your tent.

4. Keep the campsite clean.
Keep two separate trash bags accessible at all times: one for nonfood items and one for food items. This was you can clean up after every meal and ensure no food scraps are left around to attract animals.

5. Keep your tent clean.Keeping a clean camp site
Place a mat outside the entrance to your tent and leave your shoes there. Taking off your footwear allows you to keep the inside of your tent relatively clean.

September 20th, 2016|