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Easter Ideas at Big 4 Forest Glen

Every kid loves Easter. It’s a holiday away from school and you get free chocolate – what’s not to love?

Easter games are a great way to have fun at Big 4 Forest Glen, so be sure to plan a couple of fun activities that will appeal to all ages. Here are a few ideas for your Easter holiday.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter at Big 4 Forest GlenTraditional and still a lot of fun for the younger kids, the Easter egg hunt is a staple of any Easter holiday. The problem comes when older kids find all the eggs before the tots, so you can always mix it up a little: hide enough eggs for each child to find a certain number – maybe 15 or so – and then stop searching. That way everybody gets the same amount.



Easter at Big 4 Forest GlenEgg Race

Divide all the kids into two-main teams and give each team two paper eggs (just cut some paper or cardboard into an oval). The race goes like this: one egg is put on the ground and one of the teammates stands on it, while the other teammate puts the second egg on the ground in front of them. Then the first teammate hops to the second egg, and the second teammate then moves the first egg around in front again. It keeps on going until they pass the finish line.

Egg Toss

If there’s one thing kids love more than chocolate, it’s breaking stuff! The egg toss is a traditional fun activity for any Easter holiday. Split everyone up into groups of two and have them face each other in two lines. Give everyone in one line an egg (one egg per team) and have him or her toss it to his or her partner. If their partner catches it and it doesn’t break, they both take two steps back. So on until you have a winning team.

Easter Treasure Hunt

This is a fun twist on the normal Easter egg hunt. Instead of hiding chocolate eggs, leave clues for where to find the next egg, which has a clue to the next, and so on until they reach the treasure.  This is better with small groups, but you can also make it work with big groups. This lets you hide the eggs in more difficult places, and can be a fun learning game as the kids try to solve the  riddles and clues from each egg.

Easter at Big 4 Forest GlenEaster Lawn Bowls

Each person in the group receives a coloured egg, which can either be raw or hard-boiled. Now take a regular white egg and roll it out onto the grass. Everybody takes turns rolling their own  coloured egg towards the white one. Whoever gets closest without touching it and without breaking their egg wins.

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