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Camping in Winter

Camping. Kids just can’t get enough of it. The great outdoors, being amongst nature, sleeping in a tent – it’s like one great big adventure for a child.

Camping is a family activity you can do all year round, however there are a few essentials you will need to remember if you’re planning a camping trip this winter.

Go Camping with your KidsLayer your clothes

When playing outside, make sure then kids are rugged up enough to continue on throughout the day in comfort. There is nothing worse than leaving for a walk to the sound of “I’m freezing”. If you layer up at the start of the day then it’s easy to remove one of the layers as the sun comes out.

Keep your head warm

Most of your body heat is lost through your head, so make sure you wear a hat that covers your ears. This is also important in Queensland when the winter sun can burn easily and you will need some protection.

Drink lots of water

Even if you don’t feel like a nice refreshing beverage, water is one of the most important things you can do when out and about to stay hydrated and energised. You may not think you need as much water in the cold weather, but the air itself can become quite dry and you will get dehydrated quickly.

Eat lots of snacks

Your body is working extra hard just staying warm and you
 need lots of high carbohydrate and fat snacks. Snacks are a good
 choice to eat while you are out and about, especially if you are planning a day of bush walking, because every time you break, you cool off.  If you 
can eat while you are walking, you will be much better off.

Go Camping with your KidsSleep warm

If you are camping overnight, it’s a good idea to have a blow-up mattress for
 additional insulation and comfort. Also, make sure your sleeping bag is rated appropriately for the night temperatures you expect.

Have a cuppa

Try to drink something warm just before you go to bed, like a Milo or cup of tea. This will warm you up for the cold night ahead!

May 18th, 2016|