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Beat Those Post Holiday Blues

People probably won’t have much sympathy for you when you tell them you’re suffering from a serious case of the “travelling blues” after your amazing long trip to Big 4 at Forest Glen.

With all those photographs of the kids playing in the impressive park, the numerous camp outs and barbeques — you can’t really blame them for feeling a little jealous!

Taking time out of the holidays to travel with the family is contagious, and coming home is a lot like going through a really bad case of the flu — you don’t want to get out of bed and face the reality that you’re home. You have just finished having the time of your life, you’re high on adventure, with new experiences and a constant flurry of my new friends and new wonders to adore…. and now you are back in your kitchen making sandwiches for your children’s lunch. It’s like the hangover of all hangovers!

So, to help you recover from these post holiday blues, here are a few things that may help:


Write a Holiday JournalWrite About Your Trip

Getting stuck in to writing about your trip to Big 4 Forest Glen will not only help you remember the fun times, but encourage you to start planning for another adventure.

You could relive the tales over and over, lose yourself in photo editing and spend hours portraying “the best trip ever”.

Even if you plan to revisit our campgrounds in two years time, you can look back on your travel journal and remember why you want to return to Big 4 Forest Glen.


Holiday ScapbookMake A Scrapbook

Collecting up your photos, trip tickets, postcards and other memorabilia from the trip and putting it all together in a scrapbook can really help you feel better about being back at home.

Rather than wallow in self-pity that your trip to Big 4 Forest Glen is all over, you can laugh over all of the pictures of your family playing in the park, jumping in the ocean, having a hit of tennis and mini golf.

These are life-long memories you can treasure forever.


Take Inspiration From Your Trip

Learn to do the things that fascinated you about your new friends or the environment you holidayed in. Some people who stay at Big 4 Forest Glen enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, so there are often people participating in craft or needlework. There are card games to learn, cooking to try out and you could even set up a tent in your own backyard to learn to use some new equipment you saw.


Rebook your next holidaySet a Date

Planning your next holiday to Big 4 Forest Glen is probably the best and easiest way to recover from the holiday blues. It gives you something to look forward to in the future and you can even start a calendar count down – we won’t judge!



Cookies, cakes, lasagnas — bake all the foods you missed when you were away!


If all else fails… book a flight and make plans for a weekend stay at Big 4 Forest Glen.

February 15th, 2016|