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10 must-reads for your holiday!

Planning your beachside holiday at Big 4 Forest Glen this spring and need an ocean-side page-turner you can dive into while you’re away?

With a mix of popular classics, romantic novels, thrillers, and modern fiction, we’re highlighting a range of options you can throw in your beach bag on your next holiday to the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Before you rush off and start packing, take a look at the 10 must-have beach reads, plus some of the best books of this summer.



  1. The VacationersThe Vacationers

Perfect for those on holiday – Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures author Emma Straub writes about one family’s two-week trip to the island of Mallorca and the complicated up-and-down dynamics among family and friends.



  1. The One & OnlyThe One and Only

Bestselling author Emily Giffin’s latest novel, The One & Only, takes place in a small Texas town where football is everything. Shea, a 33-year-old woman, was born and raised in the college community, and when tragedy strikes, she’s forced to face difficult questions about love and friendship.


  1. I Am PilgrimI am Pilgram

This is not for the faint hearted so be prepared to get engrossed on the beach (we recommend sunscreen with this book).

Terry Hayes’s thriller I Am Pilgrim tells the story of a secret agent — with the code name Pilgrim — who is forced to face his greatest enemy after the murder of a wealthy American.


  1. The Opposite of LonelinessThe opposite of loneliness

Marina Keegan’s The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories is a posthumous collection written by a 2012 Yale student who had a play set to be produced and a job waiting at the New Yorker when she died tragically in a car crash days after graduation. Following the viral success of her final essay for the Yale Daily News, “The Opposite of Loneliness,” her essays and stories have been gathered into a collection.


  1. The Bees

This one is a must-read! The Bees by Laline Paull is what Room author Emma Donoghue calls a “heart-pounding novel” and a “wild ride” about an ancient culture with a strong caste system in which only the queen can breed. Flora 717, a member of the lowest caste, is caught between personal dreams and society’s demands when she dares to challenge the queen’s wishes.


  1. The Good Luck of Right NowThe Good Luck of Right Now

The Silver Linings Playbook author Matthew Quick returns with the story of the 38-year-old Bartholomew, who struggles to be on his own after his mother’s death. In the witty book, titled The Good Luck of Right Now, Bartholomew finds a letter from Richard Gere among his mother’s things, and he sets out to find himself as he writes letter after letter to the actor.


  1. We Were LiarsWe were Liars

The Fault in Our Stars author John Green calls We Were Liars by E. Lockhart “thrilling, beautiful, and blisteringly smart.” In it, there’s a group of four friends called The Liars, and one of them, a girl named Cady, is part of a distinguished, mysterious family.



  1. Valley of the DollsValley of the Dolls

It’s sex, drugs, and New York City for the three show-business girls in Jacqueline Susann’s Valley of the Dolls — a cult classic that’s ideal for poolside reading.



  1. The Weekenders

The Weekenders is just one of the many books you’ll want to keep in your beach bag this season. All seems normal with this group of island locals until someone’s husband goes missing and the town’s deeper secrets begin to unravel.


  1. Raymie NightingaleRaymie Nightingdale

If you’re searching for that perfect beach read, then look no further than Raymie Nightingale. Two-time Newbery Medalist Kate DiCamillo pens a sweet story about one unlikely Summer friendship between three girls competing against each other.

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